Lifretto Mohamed Gamien Dilrosun (63) Zwolle 6-12-2020

United States 10 december 2020

Lifretto Mohamed Gamien Dilrosun
geboren Paramaribo 10-12-1956overleden Zwolle 6-12-2020

So much sorrow, with infinite pain.
The emotions inside I could never explain.
My brother has left as I stand here and cry,
My burning tears are asking me why,

I”ll cherish those memories, both of us shared.
He was a person that genuinely cared.
I miss him so much, just can’t say goodbye,
I know he’d want me to keep my head up real high.

I loved him so much, my brother and dear friend.
I wish I could wake up and this nightmare would end.
But now I must let him rest in peace 
His memory and image I shall never release.

Namens de nabestaanden:Your Beloved Sister,Loesje

………… (Beri)

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